A Guide to Disclosing a Disability

16097887 - unable and able sign As vocational rehabilitation and disability management professionals, we are well aware of the challenges our clients face in disclosing their disability. Deciding when, and if, to disclose can be a tricky balance as there is not exactly a “right” time as much as there is a “better” time. There is also the question of potential prejudice people with disabilities still face and there is a great deal of fear associated with disclosing a disability as well as how much to disclose.

Disability Alliance BC recently released a new booklet called Disclosing Your Disability: A Legal Guide for People with Disabilities in BC. The booklet has a plethora of information on individuals’ rights and protections; key terms regarding disclosure, accommodation, duty to accommodate, and bona fide occupational requirement; under what circumstances an individual needs to disclose their disability to an employer; strategies to help prepare for disclosure; and more. While this Guide is specifically tailored to people in BC, much of the information within can be helpful to individuals across Canada. Let us know your thoughts on the Guide.

The Guide can be downloaded here.