Employee Legal Awareness Day

Employee Legal Awareness DayPerhaps a somewhat informal day of recognition started by Paul Brennan, a lawyer in Australia; however, it does raise a rather serious issue in the sphere of disability management.  It is arguable that there are likely many employees who do not know there legal rights in the workplace regarding occupational health and safety.  And for most, the idea of sitting down with a Workers Compensation regulation or Employment Standards Act is unthinkable.  But it is important for workers to know some of the fundamental health and safety information to help protect their own well-being.  This does not negate the employer’s responsibility to ensure a healthy workplace or ensure that their employees have access to important health and safety information; rather it helps to ensure people take responsibility for themselves.  It also supports the idea of employers and employees working collaboratively to make sure workers are aware of their legal rights and responsibilities as this is only one aspect of workplace health and safety.

Disability management professionals can be instrumental in this process to provide information and help organizations develop preventative disability management policies, which employees can be encouraged to be familiar with.  So, today’s post is simply to acknowledge Employee Legal Awareness Day and encourage employees to take one small step in raising their legal awareness as it relates to their workplace or occupation.