IWH Revamps Its “Seven Principles for Successful RTW”

Seven PrinciplesThe Institute for Work & Health (IWH) announced on June 11 that the latest issue of IWH News is now available online. In this issue, IWH made it known that one of its popular publications Seven Principles for Successful RTW had recently been updated. The publication discusses these seven principles and provides evidence-based information to support why these principles contribute to successful return to work (RTW) for workers who have experienced injury or illness. Apparently the publication has been given a new look that makes it easier to read and share with others.

Some of the principles discussed include: having a supportive work environment, early contact from the employer to the worker, and the importance of including supervisors in RTW planning and ensuring they have training in work disability. Given the information included in this publication, it is a good resource for both employers and disability management professionals to have on hand.

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