Schizophrenia: Stolen Minds, Stolen Lives (Documentary)

This is a very interesting documentary about people living with schizophrenia and the impact the disease has on them.  It also explores what scientists currently know about schizophrenia and the work they are doing to try to understand the disease and what causes it.  While the documentary does not focus on schizophrenia in the context of work, it offers some significant insight into the illness that may be of help to disability management and vocational rehabilitation professionals.

According to information on the website of the Schizophrenia Society of Canada, 70% of individuals living with schizophrenia would like to work but only 15% are actually employed.  It would seem from the documentary that the nature of schizophrenia would make competitive employment challenging.  Indeed, the Schizophrenia Society of Canada indicates that supported employment seems to have the best outcomes, but these opportunities are scarce.  What are your thoughts on strategies that may be implemented to help create supported employment opportunities for people living with schizophrenia?