Disability Management

Disability management services help insurance companies, unions, and employers retain workers, reduce disability costs, increase productivity, and meet legislated requirements. Services include:

  • Physical demands analysis
  • Medical treatment facilitation and monitoring
  • Workers’ Compensation claims management
  • Return-to-work planning and monitoring
  • Meeting duty to accommodate legislative requirements
  • Absence/attendance management

Our background in understanding rehabilitation needs and recovery durations, and our access to a network of treatment providers allows us to provide the safest, most respectful and timely return to work for all workers regardless of the nature of their injury or illness.

  • What Clients Say

    "Exceptionally amazing experience. I would not be where I am without the support and encouragement of Genesis staff. They were always professional. Thanks very much."

    Vocational Rehabilitation Client


    "One of the big things for me was the way Genesis staff helped me to see the big picture and the possibilities open to me with my background and experience. They then prepared me every step of the way from unemployed to employed and even predicted the eventual transition from employed to business consultant."

    Vocational Client