Vocational Rehabilitation

Genesis Rehabilitation uses an interdisciplinary approach to deliver the most comprehensive vocational rehabilitation services that are both cost effective and respectful.  The ultimate goal is to safely return individuals to the workforce and improve their quality of life.

There are essentially three main categories of services that encompass the vocational rehabilitation process.  One of our Vocational Rehabilitation Consultants uses case management skills to implement and coordinate the services that are needed:


Transferable Skills Analysis
Vocational Assessment
Earning Capacity Assessment
Employability Assessment
Needs Assessment
Psychological Assessment
Functional Capacity Evaluation

Return to Work

Job Task/Worksite Analysis
Graduated Return to Work
Modified Work/Accommodation
Ergonomic Evaluation

Employment Services

Employment Counselling
Career Planning
Resume/Cover Letter Writing
Interview Skills Development
Job Search Support
Job Placement

Some services such as ergonomic assessments, functional capacity evaluations, psychovocational/psychoeducational assessments, and neuropsychological assessments must be carried out by qualified third party assessors.  Through our network of service providers, we can arrange for these services to be delivered as needed.

  • What Clients Say

    "Exceptionally amazing experience. I would not be where I am without the support and encouragement of Genesis staff. They were always professional. Thanks very much."

    Vocational Rehabilitation Client


    "One of the big things for me was the way Genesis staff helped me to see the big picture and the possibilities open to me with my background and experience. They then prepared me every step of the way from unemployed to employed and even predicted the eventual transition from employed to business consultant."

    Vocational Client